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a cute cat with a apron from starbucks cafe, the cat is a barista and loves coffee..jpg

 The Purrrfect    Purrista !

"The world's best barista! This feline knows how to make a damn good espresso, and takes pride in every cup served. With a purrfect blend of skill and passion, this purrista is sure to leave you feline gooooood!" .-Meuwters

He sold, pamp it ! JEET DEV

Our Story

Once upon a time, a dumb dev created a project. He then jeeted it the next day. But fear not, for the community swooped in like a superhero to save the cat and make the project thrive as it should. Through meowbsession and meowrketing, the project will grow into something EPIC! Meowfer will regret haaard! #LFMEOW

A team of cats sitting at a round dark green table made of wood, 6 cats in total , one cat

The Beginning

"Listen up, CATS! We're the team that's gonna make this project THRIVE. That coward developer who abandoned you? Pfft, forget about him! Our PLANS for the future are BOLD, and we're in it for the LONG haul. So buckle up, meoowfos, and let's get this chart PAMPING!"

the famous park of Seattle, lots of green , threes 4K, scenery detailed, high quality grap
a community of cats take over by the people for the culture

Teaming up !

Do not meowrry, we'll make him regret by delivering purrfect results. Meowfer must be a  mouse or something! There's a well-known saying : As poor as a church mouse !

Now let's put the cat among the pigeons, there's a new dev in town #MEOWFOS !


Brewin' & Shillin', success is preowgrammed ! #LFMEOW

Support our furry friend
He is a true MEMES lover and knows exactly what makes a great CAT. And when it to satisfying that FOMO, nothing beats the rich and delicious slurp of ze DIP. Every sip makes you can taste the quality and care that goes into each dip. So why settle for anything less? Treat yourself to a $STRBCT today and experience the difference for yourself.
"Dev's gone ZEND IT" !


starbucks coffee latte americano cat sip milk
An old cat with a mono-glass sitting on a rockingchair, he has a 3 pieces suit green, Hold

Meowre Infos

Former dev abandoned the Project on 5th April right after its debut. The community claimed Ownership for this token on 9th April 2024. StarbucksCat is Cat-Themed Meme Coin on the Solana Blockchain. We are a Community of Cryptocurrencies Enthusiast that decides to not let all Investors down by claiming Ownership of the project once the former dev has sold all his Coins. Our Project Aims to unite individuals who share a common interest in both the world of Crypto Memes and the Joys of Cat Coffee Culture. We believe that our Community can make a Meaningful Impact by Fostering a Space for like-minded individuals to Connect and Collaborate. Together we explore the Crypto Meme Industry and Celebrate our Love for Feline companions over a Warm Cup of Coffee. #LFMEOW

Already On...

Explorer token on solana blockchain
explorer fro solana blockchain token SPL

Meownomics & Co

Ticker : $STRBCT

Supply : 986,730,953.70

Taxes : 0/0%

100% Liquidity Locked

100% LP Burnt

Please be advised that StarbucksCat is a creative concept developed for entertainment purposes only and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Starbucks Corporation.While StarbucksCat may reference or incorporate elements reminiscent of Starbucks' branding or products, it does not imply any direct endorsement, partnership, or approval by Starbucks. Any resemblance or association between StarbucksCat and Starbucks Corporation is purely for satirical or humorous purposes.

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